We strive to fully integrate Sasha’s boarders with our daycare guests. We limit our boarding facilities to just 15 dogs total each night, first-register, first-serve.

Our boarders appreciate the comfortable environment and being cared for 24/7 by Sasha’s dog wranglers who love to cuddle up with their furry friends at night as well. Sasha’s provides a full-time wrangler on location throughout the night. NEVER are your pets left alone through the night.

Bedtime is epitomized by loving comfort with each dog assigned their own presidential suite featuring an Advantek Pet Gazebo ® and evening snacks, as diet allows. Typically, dogs take their meals in private along with any medications.

Boarding Check-In and Check-Out

Boarding is a 24/7 service. For example: If you drop your dog(s) off at 10 am the first boarding day, and do not pick them up by 10 am on the last boarding day, there will be either a full- or half-day daycare charge on top of the boarding charge, depending on the number of hours your dog remains after the original dropped off time.