Sometimes we discover enlightening nuggets of thinking in some of the most unlikely places.  A few weeks back one of my daughter’s friend’s mom paid us a visit at Sasha’s Pet Resort.  She had not seen our fantastic space since it opened in November along with the various breeds of dogs that have become our part-time family.  She was most impressed!

In the process of discussing opportunity—coupled with the fact that we are but three blocks north of Marymoor Park—she mentioned she drives down our road often (NE 70th St.) taking her daughter to soccer practice and games.   She indicated that she (and she believes many of her friends) would jump at the opportunity to park their dogs for just a few hours as they watch their children compete.

Ask and it shall be done!  Made absolute sense to me to create a Sasha soccer package that could address that very need since we’re but a few blocks from the soccer park.  So we did:


Here’s the fine print (lesson of life is there’s always fine print!):

Before your dog can be accepted for daycare or boarding at Sasha’s, they must first undergo a free 30-minute temperament assessment in which they demonstrate the ability to peacefully co-exist with the other dogs at Sasha’s.  Concurrently, owners are required to provide written evidence of up-to-date vaccinations to include DHLPP, Bordetella and Rabies.  Dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered, unless a veterinarian’s statement is provided that explains why this procedure has been delayed.  Finally, all dogs need to be participating in a flea and tick prevention program.  To schedule the free temperament assessment, phone Sasha’s at (425) 869-4430.  Dogs that successfully pass this assessment are then able to also be scheduled for regular daycare and boarding at Sasha’s.  The 2-hour daycare packages can be reserved any time after 9 am on day of booking on a space-available basis by phoning (425) 869-4430.