Daycare Rates

Full-Day Daycare (6 hours plus) $40
Half-Day Daycare (less than 6 hours) $30
5-Day Daycare Prepaid Package $190
10-Day Daycare Prepaid Package $350
20-Day Daycare Prepaid Package $675
30-Day Daycare Prepaid Package $975
10-Half-Day Daycare Prepaid Package $270
Holiday Surcharge Daycare* $15
Late Pick-Up** (after 7:15 pm) $15

**A late pickup fee is applied after a 15-minute grace period. Dogs not picked up by 8 pm will be boarded offsite at our residence at the cost of $40. Note: Prices are as of September 1, 2021 and are subject to change upon 30-days notice. Any unused prepaid packages expire 12 months after purchase date. Multiple dog households may share packages among their dogs.

Boarding Rates

Boarding Overnight (up to 24 hours)
Single Dog $60
Family 2 dogs $110
Family 3 dogs $150

*Boarding Holiday Surcharge $15 per dog

Sasha’s Pet Resort Announces Soccer Mom’s Special!

Soccer Mom’s Special

In the spirit of allowing you to watch your child’s soccer (baseball, rugby, lacrosse) game unencumbered by your four-legged furry friends, Sasha’s is now offering a Soccer Mom’s Special (works for dads/grandparents as well)!

Located just three blocks north of Marymoor Park, Sasha’s is available to care for your pet for up to two hours for just $15! There is a 30-minute grace period so you can actually leave your dog for up to 2 ½ hours. If you go beyond that time, then there would be an additional $10 fee (or $25 total). Meanwhile, you can watch your child score that winning goal without having to worry about Teddy or Bella being underfoot!

But as with everything in life, there’s some fine print here:

Available on day-of-availability only. Sasha’s can hold up to 30 daycare dogs total. You can reserve space any time after 9 am on day of booking on a first-come, first-serve basis (425) 869-4430.

BUT (and there’s always a but in life) before we can accept your pet, they’re required to undergo a FREE temperament assessment. Requiring just 20 mins, it allows us to preview your pet’s behavior and assess their ability to associate amicably with our regular crew of dogs. In addition to the assessment, at that time we also require written evidence of up-to-date vaccinations including DHLPP, Bordetella and rabies. Dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. This also gives you the ability to schedule regular space in either our daycare or overnight boarding without any further ado. And finally, all dogs need to be participating in a flea and tick prevention program.

Soccer Mom’s Special Rates

Up to 2 Hours (1/2 hour grace period).  $15 per dog*
Must be scheduled on day of event after 9 am.
Phone (425) 869-4430